190917–Tampa & St Pete, FL

Well, we did just that! We B-Lined to Tampa area, via Calera, AL and Tallahassee, FL. With 103 degree days in AL, we’re glad to be back to good ole FL 90’s, even if a bit sticky and rainy.

We’re here in western Tampa area, the RV mecca in these parts. As mentioned earlier, we’re looking to trade/sell Buster for something smaller, more nimble and towable. Our 4 & 5-month long cross-country trips are over. Also, we’ll drop our bikes off at AJ’s Bikes in Brandon. A general tune up will be required after 7000+ miles hanging on the back of the Jeep.

So what are our favorites this season? Here’s our final thoughts…..

1. Our extended visits with our Chil’ns, Grandchil’ns, extended family and friends always tops our list of favorites. We’re not just saying that either. We love our family and love being with them. They keep us young!

2. Custer State Park in North Dakota and Brown County State Park in Indiana tops our campground stops.

3. As in previous years, we think the speeds on the highways (and in cities, especially) are out of control. Drivers seem more reckless too; speeding in and out of lanes, tailgating, and more. Everyone’s in a hurry. It’s a war zone out there folks!

4. In our judgment, Ohio and Florida have the best Interstate highways–new pavement, well marked surfaces, no pot holes and smooth bridge abutments.

5. Buster remained a safe, reliable, comfortable motor coach. Selling her will be hard.

6. The Hanford B Plutonium Reactor, the MinuteMan Nuclear Missile facility, the Smokejumpers School, the National Underground Freedom Center and the Buffalo herd tops our list of attractions.

7. We think Indiana, believe it or not, has some of the best off-trail biking choices.

8. Our friend from North Carolina, Lynnie Tierney, remains our most frequent visitor. Nice to have you along, Lynnie.

9. Norm’s motorcycling friend, Tim Gressett is our most vocal and inquisitive follower. Nice to have you with us, Tim.

We completed our last leg from Tampa to St Pete today. Buster is safety tucked away in her covered storage space. We’ll be unloading and cleaning for a couple weeks.

This is also the last update to our Buster Road Trip Blog. Thanks to all of you, our loyal blog followers, for…… well…….”staying tuned”! We hope you enjoyed reading about our journey as much as we enjoyed sharing it. Hope to see you all soon. Bye!

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