190910–Nashville, TN (The Grand Ole Opry)

Again, our drive down I65 to Nashville was problem-free. The reinstalled Invisibrake was working correctly. Hallelujah!

The weather is brutal, for us. Ninety-eight according to our onboard thermometer. And, late afternoon thunderstorms.

We’re heading over to the Grand Ole Opry today, first for a tour at 3pm, then for a show at 7pm.

The tour was about an hour long and included a walk-through of the artists private entrance, their dressing rooms,

the member tributes

and the stage.

This next pic is the circle of country music. It’s part of the old Ryman Theater Stage which was the home to the Grand Ole Opry for many years. It was built into the new stage and is a famous artists landmark…

Oh! We’re in luck. There on the Circle, where hundreds of famous Country and Bluegrass stars once stood it’s the up and coming Naughton duo (not wearing their usual coveralls) rehearsing their #1 country song “If I Can’t Be Number One, Number Two On You”.*

*That hit is a remake of one with the same name written and recorded by Pork and the Havana Ducks–an annual “regular” at the Wisconsin State Fair in the 1990’s. Whooha!

After a couple hours break we were back for tonight’s performance. We didn’t know any of the artists but the show was real good. It was actually a radio broadcast; and has been for 93 years. “ON AIR” signs and all.

Well, that does it for this night’s fun and our stay in Nashville, TN. AND, Norm didn’t line dance or do the two step!

Tomorrow we pull up stakes for a 3-day b-line run to Tampa. We’ll spend another 3-days at Lazy Days RV, Camping World and Airstream RV dealers.

Stay tuned for more on that in our next and last update….along with this year’s trip summary.

P. s. Before we go, outside temperature on 9/12 at our campground in Alabama…

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