190824–Youngstown, OH. Pittsburgh, PA.

First things first! We mentioned in the last update that we couldn’t upload pics and videos any longer. WordPress found the problem……. and it was us. Seems we hit the media limit of our previous “basic” plan and had to upgrade to “Premium”. Oooooo! Fancy! Premium!! UGH

So, we added in the rest of our pics of Notre Dame and more in the previous update. If they are of interest to you, just go back to post “190816…….” and get caught up.


It was a two-day trip from Lakeville, IN to Youngstown, OH. Granted, our driving days are short, mostly. But, it seems that no matter how early we leave, we never arrive before 2pm. Weird.

We arrived safely in Hubbard, OH on Saturday, 8/24 at …….you know…..2pm.

Norm’s brother, Mike, and SIL, Pat came over for a cookout. We had a great time getting caught up and planning the rest of our visit.

Sunday 8/25. Mike and Pat hosted a lunch/dinner at their home. Nephews Keith and Jim were there; and Keith’s wife, Donna and son Erik. We were excited to see them all. Again, we were so busy chatting and laughing we forgot to take pics. Sorry!

Then on Monday Norm joined Mike and his golfing buddies for a round of 18 holes. Some of us spent time in sand traps or getting out of them. (psst, that’s not Norm)….

In spite of that trap, I think Mike par’d that hole, as usual. He’s really good!

We all went over to niece Maureen and husband Joe’s for a cocktail before heading out to dinner. Here’s Maureen with her dad and Vicki…..

Maureen’s husband Joe is a brewer and vintner. That is, when he’s not running his successful dental practice. We sampled his Oatmeal Stout, Scotch Ale and Red Ales. We also drank a bottle of his Chardonnay. They were excellent brews. Norm especially liked the Scotch Ale; Vicki, the Stout. The Chardonnay was exceptional.

Mike’s grandson (our great nephew?) Joey joined us at the restaurant…..

Norm, Pat, Mike, Joey, Joe, Maureen.

We had a fantastic time at dinner getting caught up on Joe’s and Maureen’s family and their dental practice and Joey’s freshman year in college. Then, Joe and Maureen presented us with a six-pack of Joe’s “estate bottled” home-vintage wines. Can’t wait to sip those babies. Thanks Joe and Maureen!

On Tuesday, 8/27, we drove into Pittsburgh (Norm’s home town) to see ole friends. One is Norm’s oldest friend, Charlie. Norm and Charlie met in kindergarten. They attended the same elementary school, high school, and college. A surprise–Tom Sinacrope drove up from West Virginia for our lunch. Tom is a close elementary and high school buddy. It was awesome to see Tom, Charlie and Patty.

Chuck, Patty, Vicki, Norm and Tom.

On our way back to Buster, we stopped to say final goodbyes to Mike and Pat….

On Wednesday, 8/28, we take off for Columbus, OH to visit daughter Colleen, SIL Brian and granddaughter Ella. Yippie!

Stay tuned…

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