190809–Milwaukee, WI, Part 2. (Baseball, Golf, Cookouts, Norm Gets “Torpedoed”…Again)

Vicki returned from her St Pete visit with her mom, Avie. And she had these great pictures on her phone that were not included in Part 1.

Vic and cousin Jann…

Cousin Jann and her mom, Vicki’s aunt Norma…

Vic and uncle Frank…


We’re in our new campground about 20 miles south of Milwaukee. They have a large in-ground pool that the kids will like. There is also a petting zoo and a decent playground. And, as mentioned in our last update, they have all RV services.

On Saturday, Chris and Joel treated us to a ball game at Miller Park. All local Chil’ns and Grandchil’ns joined in.

From left, Joyce, Jake, Evan, Vicki, Chris and Levi, Norm, Katie and Joel.

The whole gang including close friends…

After a tailgate party, we headed to our seats…

Norm and youngest grandson Levi…

Norm, daughter Chris and SIL Joel….

We’re hosting a cookout tomorrow (Sunday 8/11) at Buster, so the grandsons returned with us for a sleepover. It was a long day and they were asleep very fast. But after breakfast of grilled eggs, bacon and cheese it was off to the pool for the Buster Aquatic Olympic Competition!

Ladies and gentleman. We interrupt this blog to bring you the latest news from the Buster Aquatic Competition in Mukwonago, WI. Here’s Jake, Evan and Levi demonstrating their “totem pole”…..

Fifteen-year-old Jake Watson from Delafield, WI is taking the competition by storm with his difficult side flips, in slow-mo….

Look at that height. Judges scored multiple 10’s, except the Russian judge. He scored a 9.9. Creep!

Next in the competition was the balance team….

Sadly for us but gleefully for little Joyce, it was time to be dropped off at summer camp. Her third year!

We took a self-guided tour of the facilities. Bye mom and dad….

Jake and Evan taking a rest after eating some of the “magic mushrooms” they found…

Joyce’s bunk….

Later, it was time for din din, and an early celebration of Katie’s upcoming birthday..

What up and coming business executive, home owner and single mom can’t use a tool box, Channel Locks and a hex wrench set? Huh? Perfect!


There’s an old saying that things happen in threes. Well, if that’s true, you don’t want to ride in the car with Norm. On Wednesday, he and Vicki were on their way to pick up the boys for a golf driving range lesson. They were at a stop light on slick roads (it had rained earlier). A young woman didn’t calculate her stopping distance properly on the wet surface, skidded on locked-up brakes and rear-ended Norm and Vicki damaging their new Thule Bike Rack beyond repair. Fortunately, the bikes were not being carried at the time. And there was no visible damage to the new 2019 Grand Cherokee. Most important, there were no injuries.

And, Norm had applied this caution tape to warn folks….

The main steel brace was bent, weakening the spot welds. Also the safety pin was sheared off and the entire unit was forced into the hitch receiver. Both the local Thule dealer and Thule Corporate rendered the unit unsafe and damaged beyond reasonable repair after assessing the damage. We received approval from the young women’s insurance company to replace it. Fortunately, we found the exact model available and purchased it.


We celebrated a final dinner with the Chil’ns and Grandchil’ns. Boo hoo!

We then got Buster ready for departure on Friday 8/16. We’re off to Rockford, IL to see Vicki’s niece, Rachel.

BTW, who wants to ride with Norm? Third time is a charm!

Stay tuned….

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